Kuranda River Boat

As part of the Barron River documentary project, we visited Kuranda to travel on the Kuranda River Boat last weekend. This was an extremely informative 45 minute cruise from the Kuranda township, near the railway station down river to the weir at the top of the Barron falls. Our guide, Brian gave an interesting and very informative commentary about the river’s history and ecology. He went out of his way to look after us and we were even lucky enough to spot a few freshwater crocodiles. These normally shy animals have grown used to the regular passing of the river boat and don’t take a lot of notice. Thank you Brian, for helping make our day a productive one.

Ants Attacking Termites

Many termite mounds can be found in the Mareeba and Kuranda areas. When a swarm of ants discovers a crack in a mound, a war is fought. Termites set up a blockade to prevent the ants gaining entry as the ants attack relentlessly.

Skyrail – Day Three

We have now completed out third trip on Skyrail filming for the Barron River documentary.

This time, we were able to capture the falls at the height of the dry season, showing how raging torrent from a few months ago has dwindled to a trickle.  Even so, the falls are still very pretty, with several drops and many deep emerald green pools.

Thanks, once again to Louise and Evan from Skyrail for doing an amazing job looking after us and explaining a bit more about the river and surrounding rainforest.

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